3 Ways To Easily Enhance Your garage

Your garage doesn’t have to be a boring, bland space where you just store your car and items that don’t fit in your house. You can easily enhance your garage to take it from bland and boring to impressive and interesting.

Build a Loft in Your Garage

For a simple way to improve and add to your garage space, consider building a loft within your garage. Small lofts can easily be created by building a small frame that you can firmly affix to the wall, and then covering the frame with drywall, plaster and carpet or simply adding in a cushion that fits your loft size.

You can combine function with fun by having built-in storage installed in your garage with a loft on top. Have the contractor build the storage halfway up the wall. He can then reinforce the top of the storage, add a ladder for access, and voila instant loft. Smaller lofts that exist within a garage are a great place for children to play, for secret storage, or a private hideaway.

Enhance the Space With Lighting

Lighting really makes or breaks a room, and a garage is no exception. There have been studies conducted that show the lighting of a space has a negative or positive impact on mood and emotions. If your garage is dim, you probably avoid spending as much time in there as possible.

Instead of having just one giant overhead light, which can over-light the whole room, make sure you have multiple smaller sources of light. This allows light to naturally and seamlessly blend and gives you greater control over lighting levels. Having multiple sources of light allows you to easily diffuse light, by using a lampshade or lighting covers, that might otherwise be too bright.

When thinking about a lighting makeover, be sure to stay away from fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs contribute to increased eye fatigue, the last thing you want if you are working or hanging out in your garage.

Dedicate a Space to Your Hobby

If you plan right, you can have space in your garage for your car, tools, and storage, and still have room for a dedicated hobby space. From home brewers to hobby model enthusiasts, there are some things you can do to create a dedicated hobby space.

You can easily install a shelf, table height, to one of your walls which creates an instant workspace. Add in cubbies and floor to ceiling storage cabinets to keep your supplies organized. Create additional storage on either side underneath your built-in workspace for easy access to all you need for your hobby.

These few things are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to ways you can makeover your garage. If you can dream it, there are professionals out there who can help you achieve it. Don’t let your garage languish in mediocrity. Figure out what enhancements you would like to make and get started on your garage makeover.

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