Tips For 2017: Four Easy Ways To Find Extra Money Each Month

Is not it almost like a miracle when you go to do the laundry and you finding yourself with a $ 20 bill in your pocket? It’s almost like a gift from Reyes, and it comes so well … especially at this time of year, where Christmas is behind and with it all those extra expenses.

Are you also looking for new ways to save each month? Like every beginning of the year, we all have the typical purposes such as quitting smoking, doing more sport, leading a healthier life … but have you considered looking for new ways to save for this 2017?

Tips For 2017 Four Easy Ways To Find Extra Money Each Month  1. Unsubscribe from unnecessary subscriptions

Take out the statements from the last three months of your bank account and your credit cards and inspect every transaction. Yes, there it is. A trial subscription that was only used for the first couple of months, but you kept paying for years without even being aware of it. Keeping track of the movements periodically will prevent you from receiving unnecessary charges on your account.

Tips For 2017 Four Easy Ways To Find Extra Money Each Month  2. Create a budget

Although this sounds very basic, many people have no budget to keep track of their personal monthly income and expenses. Schedule a budget of what we will enter and spend each month will lead us to have better control over our personal finances. Today there are thousands of applications that you can download totally free of internet without using a pen and paper. This is the case of Quicken, from Intuit, a simple and intuitive personal finance management tool, enjoyed by many users. Of course, whatever budget system you choose, make sure it fits your needs and your lifestyle. At the beginning you must dedicate a little of your energies and your time,

Tips For 2017 Four Easy Ways To Find Extra Money Each Month

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3. Check the car insurance

If you’ve been paying the same car insurance rate for a while, chances are you’re overpaying. There are factors that influence your insurance rate that are out of your reach, but there are some things you can do to pay a lower rate, so make a review of your contract or make a phone call to your insurance.

Tips For 2017 Four Easy Ways To Find Extra Money Each Month  4. Cut out gasoline

Gas is expensive and the less you use, the more you save. If you cannot buy a car that uses less gas, which would be ideal, try to catch it less often. Take turns with other mothers and fathers to pick up children from school or with coworkers to get to and from work. Another option is to make use of the public transport during the week and to catch the car alone during the weekends or for sporadic trips. If we try for a while we will see how a large part of our money that was destined for gasoline now we can use it in other necessities more necessary.

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