Why Images Are Important On Your Home Page

In your business decisions are made daily. Whether administrative or related to the development of a product, everything related to your company is organized with the intention of building a brand and selling a product. However, in the process, you can end up ignoring certain aspects, such as the images on the home page of your website. To the surprise of many business owners, this seemingly simple factor can affect the perception of your brand, influence the decision of consumers and improve conversions significantly.

Why Images Are Important On Your Home PageThe images on your home page influence the first impression

Smiling woman looking at laptop the old adage says ” you only have one chance to make a good first impression ” and it applies perfectly in modern society. To keep it in perspective, consider any opportunity you have had to make an online purchase. You have probably visited the initial page of the site to immediately judge, from the comfort of your chair, factors such as dependence, trust, quality, value, etc. In those short seconds of analysis you have already made a decision, completely independent of the carefully added text and the other characteristics of the product.

Photographs help ensure that your product (s) make a positive first impression quickly. Tired and hurried minds tend to consider the visual content much more than the text, since the text requires an additional effort to be processed. Moreover, the features, theme, decoration, main object and color of the photos comply with providing a quick visual idea of ​​what is for sale. By presenting attractive images of your product or people using your products, you will have better chances of capturing the visitor’s attention and achieving a first impression that invites deeper navigation.

Why Images Are Important On Your Home PageThe images on your home page affect the user experience

Smartphone application sketch as we mentioned, Internet users are tired creatures, bombarded constantly by requests that seek to attract their attention. In this scenario, graphs require immediate attention due to their ability to present large amounts of information more quickly and effectively than texts.

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In this way, the graphics are friendlier to the user, fulfilling the requirements of the modern individual and offering something that benefits both parties. Through the presentation of graphics users receive something pleasant, easy to digest, and easy to understand. By presenting graphs, businesses provide a friendlier web experience, while controlling the perception created by these graphs. This combination of effective communication and usability leads to a more positive brand perception, which will influence future sales and open future opportunities for customer acquisition.

Why Images Are Important On Your Home PageThe images on your home page improve your design

web-designThe well-known Apple products share a common feature: design. The intelligent combination of visual appeal, functionality and intuitiveness has launched many of its products to the forefront of the market, effectively showing that the modern consumer considers product design. Either through conscious recognition or subconscious enjoyment, this expectation is carried to all the products of the brand.

With this conscious attention to trends, maintaining an updated web design is of utmost importance for the brand’s image, and photographs in large formats are part of this package. If the images on your website are pixelated or of low quality, users will notice and assume that your brand does not have the necessary attention to develop a quality product. The photos in high quality, on the other hand, inspire confidence, providing a positive experience and satisfying different tastes.

Why Images Are Important On Your Home PageThe images on your home page generate expectations

Expectation Unless your marketing campaign has a great influence, it is safe to assume that a new visitor to your website does not know anything about your product. This uncertainty is accompanied by a good degree of fear, which can discourage purchases if factors such as product functionality, performance, price and value are not adequately covered.

The images help to overcome this gap between uncertainty and comfort by setting expectations for the buyer. A corporate photo suggests that your product helps productivity and communication in a professional context. The illustration of a house helps to understand that your product is aimed at consumers for use in the home. Although it can be a challenge to select the image that perfectly reflects the usefulness of your product, in doing so you immediately relieve the mental load that uncertainty places on the user experience, guiding them even further into the path of conversion.

Images on your home page affect conversions

Credit card conversion online although each of these factors can be considered important on their own, the final result is conversion. A strong first impression keeps users on your page, while an easy-to-use web page provides a more enjoyable browsing experience. Strong web designs provide confidence in your company, while clear product expectations help achieve the brand’s message and improve conversion rates. Finally, the images you end up using on your homepage are much more than just decorations, they are tools to attract potential customers, generate profits and improve the perception of the brand in complex and powerful ways.

Starting with the presentation of your product, everything related to your business is developed for your success. Your website should receive the same treatment with attractive and communicative images that turn eventual visitors into recurring visitors. Do not underestimate the value of a good graphic structure and use the inherent benefits of good aesthetics. This way you can convert your website into a conversion tool.

At Staff Creative we have years of experience developing the visual image for different brands. We invite you to visit our client section to get to know us better. Or you can contact us and tell us your problems and graphic needs, we will gladly assist you.

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