4 Best Apps That Make You Smarter Every Day

There are numerous ways to define and assess intelligence. It is, to some extent, subjective and mostly constant. You may, however, increase abilities such as critical thinking, logic, and knowledge about various subjects. Several apps assist in stimulating and training the brain in various areas, playing games at https://www.jackpot-town.com/en-ca can also improve it. By using these apps every day, you can acquire a certain degree of smartness. Here, we’ll look at some of the best apps that can help you with that.


If you have trouble reading long articles with hundreds of pages, Uptime is the perfect app for you. It summarizes a book, course, or documentary into ‘hacks’ that you can learn in five minutes. Uptime provides book insights and summaries in the form of Instagram-like stories.

The premium version includes unlimited books, courses, personalized content, unlimited board creation, and much more. However, Uptime will produce the best results if used in conjunction with other tools. After finishing a book, you can go back and review it on Uptime to remember the lessons and insights, or you can try indulging in online gambling.


Refind is an article curation app that can help you learn more about any topic. It, like Deepstash, generates a highly personalized feed depending on your preferences. You must select topics, rank links, and follow thought leaders and publications when you sign up. The more you interact with the in-app suggestions, the more accurate your feed will become.

The platform’s content quality is a differentiating feature. Refind, on the other hand, does not display articles in crunched format. Instead, it encourages you to read seven articles per day to become more knowledgeable in a given field. If you do not have the time to read an article, you can listen to it instead.

If you’re interested in science, you may follow and read articles from NASA, MIT Technology Review, TED, and much more. Refind has one of the most effective content personalization systems. As a result, you only have access to the type of content you like.


TED is a non-profit organization that hosts brief speeches that present highly useful ideas. Thought leaders compress decades of experience and knowledge into compelling 18-minute talks. Science and technology are discussed, as well as personal development and world issues.

Every day, you can utilize the app to learn about a new idea. This can significantly assist you broaden your knowledge. Aside from thorough talks, the app includes a podcast section. Podcasts focusing on various topics can be found here. For example, TED includes podcasts about health, design, business, climate, and other interesting topics.

To personalize your feed, TED includes a category selection system. You start by choosing topics that interest you, and the app populates your feed with relevant talks. You may also filter videos by duration and about 100 languages.


CuriosityStream is the leading documentary streaming service in the world. Documentaries are a thorough educational tool that can assist you in keeping your mind sharp. They enable you to discover new things and broaden your knowledge. High-quality documentaries may teach you about nature, astronomy, history, and nutrition.

Aside from the different categories and titles, the platform has a section for children called Curiosity KIDS. Every week, new titles are added to the platform. This means you’ll never run out of content to watch. You can even search for shows by specific collections.

CuriosityStream is a fantastic visual learning tool. With thousands of 4K documentaries to choose from, you’ll always have something new to learn.

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