How to wash an electric blanket

How to wash an electric blanket

By reading this tutorial you can have useful tips and correct indications on how you can wash an electric blanket, without taking it to the dry cleaners. The homemade washing of the electric blanket gives you the possibility to save a good amount of money. In fact, the prices that are required by the laundry product are often quite high, especially for the electric blankets to two squares. If the information given is followed, step by step, you can do a great job.

Step: 1

There are two types of electric blankets; the first allows you to separate the electrical circuit from the blanket, while the second only allows you to unplug the safety plug. Both types are washable, but in a different way; the first in the washing machine and the second only by hand. The first step to wash the electric blanket is to remove it from the mattress and detach the temperature control area. The latter allows you to set the temperature of the electric blanket. Then you have to take the blanket and put it in the bathtub. You have to run the warm water and turn the blanket a few times with your hands to make it soak with water.

Step: 2

When the blanket is very damp on all sides, you need to add a specific mild detergent. In the case considered, the electric blanket is made of synthetic wool; other times it can be made with other types of fabric. It is advisable to use a delicate detergent, perhaps specific for wool. You have to turn the blanket over again with your hands to mix the detergent with the water. At this point, you leave the blanket in the water for a few minutes and then turn it over with your hands.

Step:3How to wash an electric blanket

Then you have to rinse one end of the blanket using the shower nozzle. It is advisable to avoid squeezing the electric blanket a lot, otherwise, the internal circuits will be damaged. As you rinse a part of the blanket you have to slide it inside a bathtub. Then, he takes the bagnarola with the blanket to the balcony and lies down on a drying rack placed in a cool and ventilated corner (not in direct contact with the sun). When the blanket is perfectly dry, the electrical components can be reassembled. It is advisable to wash the electric blanket in the sink and leave it to soak for a few minutes in cold water, turning it over several times, especially if it is very dirty.

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